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In the pacific northwest lies the great, green state of Washington, famous for apples, a thriving cultural scene and a wealth of outdoor adventures. Whether you live in Seattle or Everett HughesNet believes you should have access to fast, reliable satellite Internet which is why there's now another way all over Washington!

Fast, Dependable Satellite Internet from HughesNet

If you're still struggling with dial-up and you've been told before it's your only option due to your remote or rural location, think again. Recent satellite advances have now made it possible for HughesNet to offer quality Internet connections to people all over the great state of WA, from Spokane to Yakima. If you've got a view of the southern sky you may be surprised to know you're eligible for satellite!

HughesNet is the nation's #1 satellite Internet provider and they think they got there by offering a quality product at an affordable price, not to mention superior customer service. When their Washington customers are online with HughesNet they never surf alone: all HughesNet subscribers have access to a 24/7 customer care line whenever they're online.

The secret's out in the wettest part of the country and beyond…what would you do with better, more efficient Internet at home?

Satellite Internet Opens Up Life in Washington

Just think about it: you could plan a trip to Forks to check out Twilight shooting locations, research wine options in the Willamette Valley and even apply for jobs in the Bellevue area when you're online with satellite. Dial-up is painfully slow and downloads can take minutes – even hours – but with satellite you're on your way in only seconds.

Unlike DSL speeds which can be highly unpredictable and are notoriously inconsistent, satellite speeds are guaranteed so you know what type of Internet you'll be working on from the get go. And since satellite Internet from HughesNet doesn't access phone lines you can talk and surf at the same time…can't say that about dial-up in Washington!

Another reason their Washington customers tell us they're so excited about satellite is that it's often the least expensive Internet option in their area. Here are just a few of the ways HughesNet is working to make satellite Internet more affordable…

FREE INSTALLATION: From day one they keep costs low by sending a certified technician right to your door to do a custom installation absolutely free.

EQUIPMENT OPTIONS: Most of their Washington customers are eligible to lease or own their connection equipment so you can choose how much to pay upfront.

ADDED FEATURES: Get up to 5 free email addresses, standard customer support and virus protection/spam filters with your new HughesNet plan in Washington…free!

Call HughesNet Today to Talk About Your Options

If you're sick of hassling with dial-up in Washington it's time you learned more about the new wave in Internet. Satellite is dependable and reliable and now that it's available statewide you've got no excuse to pay more and wait longer on Internet that's not working for you!

From Spokane to Tacoma, Vancouver to Kent, people in Washington are finding out how simple using the web can be. And since all HughesNet plans are tiered you only pay for the amount of Internet you need…forget spending more money for bandwidth you're just not going to use.

HughesNet is making it possible to finally enjoy the web all over Washington! Rural and urban residents alike deserve the same service, speed and quality when it comes to Internet and we're making it happen one new customer at a time. Call now to find out what you've been missing!