HughesNet Gen4 Internet: “The Only Way To Go”

Word gets around fast: HughesNet® does it all. We’re the #1 choice for satellite Internet in the America, and our customers are thrilled with faster speeds, expert installation, easy compatibility with Macs and personal computers, and most of all, an Internet footprint that covers the Lower 48.

“HughesNet is far faster than what I had before from a competitor, and the service has been exemplary. Keep up the good work.”

Steven, New York

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HughesNet has DSL and dial-up beat

The best service and finest products draw the best reviews, by word of mouth and online. HughesNet is proud of our reputation as the premier satellite Internet provider, and for advances in technology that push us far ahead of our DSL and dial-up counterparts.

Better than dial-up?

Definitely. No need to tie up a phone line when you’re connected to the Web by satellite. With dial-up, you must choose Internet or phone. Connection and download speeds are tons faster with HughesNet.

Better than DSL?

Absolutely. With HughesNet, it doesn’t matter how far your home is from our office. Your signal is beamed by satellite. This also allows HughesNet to reach far more homes nationwide than DSL providers.

“For anyone who lives in a remote area with no available DSL or cable service, the new HughesNet Gen4 Internet service is the only way to go. I felt like a kid at Christmas when the HughesNet Gen4 service was installed. Thanks so much for providing such a great internet service.”

Mark, Louisiana

Ready to be next?

HughesNet subscribers tell you all you need to know. They make us America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet service. They get:

  • Speeds quicker than dial-up
  • Connection by satellite signal, not a cable or phone line
  • Option to buy or lease hardware
  • Ability to download media-rich files such as music, pictures, software updates and videos in a flash
  • Safe email, with spam and virus protection
  • Compatibility for Mac or PC operating systems

“We are very satisfied with the new service. It is so much faster!”

Larry, Texas

Call now, and discover a faster, better way to connect to the Internet. HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet, and we’re ready to prove it to you!