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Top Educational Sites for Your Children

Kids love to go on adventures, interact with one another, and have fun by playing games or using their imaginations. The Internet can help kids express their creativity, enhance their imagination, and interest them in learning more about the world around them. Take a look at some great online resources that can be both educational and entertaining for your little ones at home:

Early Education Pack

Offered by HughesNet, the Early Education Pack encourages children to see learning fundamentals, such as math, reading and science, in a fun, interactive way through award-winning online games. The Early Education Pack also includes information for parents too. Virtual report cards, a forum for parents and homework tips can help you guide your child’s learning from ages 2 to 12.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain makes learning fun. Play math games, get reading practice with fun mad libs and comics, or go to the playground with plenty of interactive options. A colorful and easy-to-use interface allows little Internet surfers to independently navigate the site. Learn more at


The Starfall website helps children read with phonics and useful assistance. Early learners can use the ABCs to help them get ready to read; the Pre-K page gets them up-to-speed with age-appropriate material; and the Starfall store makes it easy to purchase educational products to use at home.


Access the highly interactive website of Seussville for reading, simple and fun games, and activities related to Dr. Seuss stories. Discover and order your favorite Dr. Seuss books online, learn about characters, and enjoy the colorful animations in every corner of this fun and educational website.

Storyline Online

Listen to your favorite children’s books read by public figures and celebrities such as Al Gore, Betty White, or Elijah Wood. View a list of books, select by author or reader, and enjoy a story or follow along with an activity guide. Find more information at

Highlights Kids

The Highlights Kids website encourages users to play it, read it, make it, and share it. Discover new jokes, art activities, and more. Read animated stores or read real-life kid-friendly news articles. Research crafts, experiments, or recipes for creative ideas and great solutions for boredom.

ABC YA has been featured on Apple, the New York Times, and Fox News for its educational content and impressive features. ABC YA is a leader in free, educational online activities for children with a wide range of age-appropriate lessons and features. Explore categories of homework help, math, English, science, and history.

Reading is Fundamental

Explore bright graphics, sounds, and reading support features in the Leading to Reading section on Reading is Fundamental—all at The site encourages young users to read, sing, play, and explore with online help. Plus, grown-ups have access to their own page to donate, get involved, and learn new ways to develop reading skills.

PBS Kids

Learn and play with all the familiar characters from popular PBS Kids TV shows. Have your little one enter a writing contest, explore online activities, and shop for PBS merchandise. You can even subscribe to the PBS Kids Newsletter for updates on your child’s favorite online content or PBS Kids TV shows. Check it out at


If your children love to question the way the world works, guide them to the Wonderopolis website. The site allows kids to ask any question they wonder about, discover what others wonder, and find wonders of the day. Vote for wonders, join discussions, and test your knowledge with this interesting website designed for kids. Learn more at


If your child is a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, they will adore the new website created by J.K. Rowling. Experience the Harry Potter stories in a new way and discover new material about characters and plots from Rowling herself! Add friends, earn badges and other items, and immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter. Sign up at

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