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Using Tumblr to the Fullest

With your HughesNet satellite Internet connection, you can create your own Tumblr account. Read on to discover the different ways you can share your favorite media with your friends and followers.

Sign up for a Tumblr account at to get started. Post media for others or re-blog photo sets and quotes. Once you sign up with a valid email address, there are plenty of ways to share on Tumblr.

Types of Tumblr posts

You can make several types of posts on Tumblr. Play around with your account’s style and settings to see what posts best fit your personality.


This type of post works the best if you have a lot of information to share. You can also incorporate hyperlinks and images into text posts.


A photo post lets you blog an image and a caption. Upload your photos from your smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer for all of your followers to see.


Share inspirational or comical quotations in a quote post. Unlike text posts, quote posts are made by inserting the quote in the title text box and citing the origin of the quote in a section below.


A link post is a clickable piece of text that describes the web page that it links to. Use link posts for media such as YouTube videos or articles hosted on other websites.


Chat posts are great for displaying humorous or poignant conversations. Highlight a conversational exchange between yourself and someone you know – or any other conversation that you want to share with your followers.


Give your page a musical boost with audio posts. With these posts, you can upload mp3 files of songs that you love. Make an audio post of your favorite song or a cool track that you want everyone to know about.


Upload video posts from your computer or from video-hosting websites. Video posts are a great way to share videos from other social media sites that you might like, such as Vine.

Find Friends and Followers

Share the content that you’re blogging with friends and followers all over the world. Tumblr is an open forum for many different personalities and interests. Search for your favorite types of blogs, such as those centered around sports or music, and follow the pages that you like. In time, you’ll collect your own followers who are interested in the things you’re posting.

Keep Sharing

Tumblr pages are great for exploring your interests and sharing your ideas. When you follow more people, you have more media to re-blog on your own page. As your page grows with your posted and re-blogged content, others might even start re-blogging you!

It’s important to make sure that you always cite and attribute content on Tumblr. With so many creative works being shared, you want to make sure that you are giving credit to the creator.

Use your HughesNet satellite Internet service to check your blog often and re-blog as much as you want. For even more information, visit