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Top Browsers for the Best HughesNet Experience

Web users have many web browsers to choose from – but which is best?

That depends on what is important to you. Some users want the most speed. A clean, easy-to-use interface is important to others. Some browsers are prettier than others – that’s a factor, too. Security should be important. Advanced users will want a browser that supports extensions and themes.

What does a browser do?

An Internet browser is your window to the Internet. It’s a software app that allows you to search for things online. It translates code into words, pictures, and videos on sites. It can also translate links you click on into the website they came from.

Many leading browsers wind up on top because they have a little of everything. Their developers strive to enhance the browser experience.

Our favorite web browsers for HughesNet

Google Chrome

What makes it great: The newest entry in the race, Chrome is fast loading and has a sleek design. If a page crashes in one Chrome tab, the rest of your open tabs will be fine. It’s lightweight, and it’s ironclad for security. You can voice-search with Chrome, and the site-prediction feature means fast page loads.

One drawback: It’s tough to find and use the Do Not Track feature.

It’s best for: Google users. If you use Gmail, Google+, or YouTube, stay signed in every time you open a browser for easy access.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

What makes it great: Heat from newer browsers brought IE’s entry into the modern age. It has better speed and security than previous versions. You can pin web apps you use most, and we like the new-tab page. Best of all, Internet Explorer is now compliant with new web standards.

One drawback: It won’t run operating systems older than Windows 7.

It’s best for: Those who use older Windows browsers to upgrade.

Maxthon 4.2

What makes it great: Never heard of it? It has incredible tools, fast performance, and HTML5 support. It offers lots of online syncing and storage. Maxthon has the same page rendering engines, so you know it’ll be site compatible. One cool feature: Night viewing mode to preserve your tired eyes.

One drawback: Tabs on other web browsers are a lot more flexible.

It’s best for: Those who do more than just check email and the weather online. If you write, program, or work online, Maxthon is fast and intuitive enough for you.

Mozilla Firefox

What makes it great: Everything about Firefox is fast –downloading, loading pages, navigation. It has all the standard protection against malware, phishing sites, viruses, and more. Users can adjust settings for protection strictness. Firefox downloads updates for you, so you always have the best in protection.

One drawback: Some users don’t like Mozilla’s frequent updates.

It’s best for: Power users. If speed is what you need, and you access many sites in a session, Firefox is a good option.