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How Do I Start a Blog?

Starting a blog can seem like a daunting task, particularly for those who love to write but might lack the technological savvy required to start up a blog with ease. Rest assured, however, that blogging really is a simple process once you condense it into a few easy steps.

Blogging is exceptionally easy, and contrary to what many think, it does not require fancy coding skills or HTML knowledge. Rather, much of blogging is an automatic and stress-free process.

The following steps are all you will need to begin blogging. This guide assumes you have already decided on a topic to write about. If not, it may be best to figure that out beforeĀ  creating the blog.

1. Decide on a Blog Platform

First, you will need to decide on using a free or self-hosted platform for the blog. Most blog users choose programs such as WordPress to create their blog.

There are many reasons for this, including the following:

  • Blog posts can be written and posted easily.
  • The blog can be shared and commented on.
  • Many layouts and themes are offered.
  • Blogs can be categorized.
  • You can create custom menus.

WordPress, Tumblr, and other blogging sites give you many different options for creating a blog precisely to your liking. Try out as many as you need to find the right fit and style.

Self-hosted blogs allow you to have your own domain name such as “” Choosing the domain name and owning it yourself makes you look much more professional and authoritative. Still, this is only a great choice for those who want to blog for a long time, since those on a budget or new to blogging might want to stick with free choices like WordPress.

2. Choose from Domain and Hosting Options

If you choose to self-host, you will have to pick a domain name. As a general rule, pick a domain that is easy to remember. This means avoiding long domains since people will be less likely to make the effort to return to your blog. Say you want to start a blog on football. Avoid a domain like “,” and try to choose something catchy and memorable like “”

Thinking outside the box to establish a domain name that builds your brand will pay big dividends, assuming that your content is good quality. If you are choosing a free hosting platform, you will need to make sure your quality is outstanding so that your blog will receive more traffic.

So there you have it. Simply choose a platform and domain name, then customize your blog and get to writing!