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How to Schedule Downloads for Off-peak Hours

HughesNet is faster than ever, with Gen5 technology. To ensure all customers have enough bandwidth, HughesNet has a Fair Access Policy which regulates heavy downloading so that enough of the shared bandwidth is available for all customers.

HughesNet customers can schedule downloads during off-peak hours to solve this dilemma.

The ability to schedule downloads also frees up your bandwidth during peak hours. Plus, there’s no need to stay up until 2 a.m. or wake up before 8 a.m. just to start a download! Schedule the download to start during that timeframe and that’s it—you’re set.

If you prefer to shut your computer down after a download, you can use a program such as Switch Off. It allows you to force your computer to hibernate, log off, or shut the device down at a set time.

How can I download files during off-peak hours?

It’s easy! Use your browser to schedule downloads. For example, use the Firefox browser to get the add-on called Download Scheduler. With this tool, you can set up downloads in a calendar-style format. Software updates and movies will download while you sleep. Firefox’s add-on doesn’t have a limit to how many downloads you can schedule.

Although off-peak hours are 2 am 8 am., it’s best to schedule at odd times such as 3:42 am, 5:03 am, and so on. Many users will schedule downloads for 2:01 am, which could create a logjam for available bandwidth. Some providers have even shortened off-peak hours as a result.

What activity is likely to make me surpass my data?

Data-rich activity is best scheduled for off-peak hours. Here are a few downloads that could threaten your service plan data:

  • Full-length movie or video downloads or streaming
  • Hosting Web-cam feeds or other host computer applications
  • Large-file downloads
  • Web-based data backups to a central server

Be sure you schedule your downloads during off-peak hours and get the most out of your HughesNet service!