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How to Maximize Your Data Allowance

Satellite Internet providers don’t require data allowances like a smartphone provider might – one where you have to pay extra if you use more than your set amount of data. But many satellite providers, including HughesNet, do have Fair Access Policies that aim to give every customer equal access to the network.

A Fair Access Policy won’t cut off your service if you use a certain amount of data, but it might slow your Internet speeds or reduce your performance if you exceed your service plan data.

You get better service when you stay within your monthly data allowance. Whether you have 10 MB or 40 MB of data, you can maximize your allowance and your Internet performance by following these tips:

Avoid peak hours

Peak hours are times when the most Internet users are online, usually between 4 pm and 10 pm. More online traffic means congested networks – and slower speeds for Internet users.

Many satellite Internet service providers try to incentivize users to get online during non-peak hours by offering data that’s only available during certain times of day.

This bonus data is available when most Internet users aren’t online – usually late at night. Since you’re probably not online during that time, use your bonus data for activities that take up a lot of bandwidth, and don’t require you to watch over them.

Schedule software updates and other data-heavy activities for off-peak hours.  HughesNet offers the Bonus Zone from 2 am – 8 am. Your updates or downloads will be ready when you wake up, and you won’t have used up any of your peak-hour data.

Monitor your data usage

The best way to maximize your data? Monitor your data usage. Most people don’t know how much data their online activities use, but knowing can help you maximize your service plan data and get the highest Internet performance. With HughesNet satellite Internet service, you can look at your Usage Meter to quickly see how much data you have used and how much you have left.

Just how much data are you using? Let’s look at some different uses of 1 GB:

  • 2 hours of video streaming
  • 300 photos uploaded
  • 200 streamed songs
  • 1,024 web pages loaded
  • 2,000 emails sent or received

In general, activities like downloading large files and streaming video take up more data, while browsing the web, checking email and social networking take up relatively little.

To get the most out of your data (and your Internet service), keep an eye on how much data you’re using. You can do this by manually tracking your activities – or you can check your data usage on your Internet service provider’s website.

Chances are, you’d have to do a lot to exceed your data – but it’s always better to stay informed. Strategically plan your online activities and monitor your data usage to get the most from your satellite Internet service.