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FAQs: HughesNet Compatibility

Hughes strives to make broadband satellite Internet accessible to everyone. That’s why the technology that powers HughesNet service is designed to be compatible with the vast majority of modern-day computer configurations. Read on for more information about your particular setup.

Question: Is my computer compatible with HughesNet?

HughesNet lets you connect your computer to the Internet whether you are running a Windows or Macintosh operating system. HughesNet supports all version of Windows and Mac OS that are still supported by their respective manufacturers.

Question: Can I use a PCMCIA card adapter for my laptop?

Sure. You just need either a 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface Card or a PCMCIA adapter with an Ethernet connector to connect to a HughesNet modem. An Ethernet cable is included with the HughesNet system and will be provided at the time of installation.

Question: What if my computer didn’t come with a Network Interface Card (NIC)? What can I do?

Most computers today are plug-and-play ready, meaning it’s easy to self-install a network card should you have the appropriate slots available and are comfortable opening your computer. Consult your manufacturer’s documentation to find out if your computer’s hardware can be configured with a 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface Card. If so, make sure your NIC is configured for “auto-negotiate.”

If you are uncomfortable self-installing a network card in your computer, you can instead purchase an external USB Ethernet adapter. These are easy to install and work with most systems.

For maximum HughesNet compatibility and to ensure that you receive the best possible HughesNet Internet experience, make sure your computer is upgraded to meet all of the above requirements.