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HughesNet Gen5 Has Arrived!

The next generation of satellite Internet is here.

America's #1 choice for satellite Internet just got even better, and there's never been a better time to get connected

Hughes®, the company that invented satellite Internet, has reimagined the technology with Gen5 to let you do more of everything you love online, wherever you live! HughesNet® Gen 5 is available coast to coast, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options.

Choose from four all-new service plans, each one offering:

  • Faster Speeds: HughesNet® Gen5 is faster than ever—25 Mbps3 download and 3 Mbps upload speeds.
  • More Data: It's easy: just choose a plan with the amount of data that's right for you.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connect your wireless devices at home. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for incredible speeds and excellent coverage.

Live where you love and still stay connected.

Call now to get HughesNet!

Keep Pace with Today's Internet

Websites have more content than ever, which makes faster Internet connections more important than ever. You need a better way to access email, share photos and stories with friends on social media, enjoy your favorite video content and more.

HughesNet delivers faster Internet speeds supported by cutting-edge technology, which also brings you breakthroughs such as 2X more data and no hard data limits4. The built-in Wi-Fi Modem lets you set up a fast, secure network connecting your wireless devices throughout your home.

Don't get left behind in today’s content-rich online world — get HughesNet Gen5.

Discover the Many Benefits of HughesNet

HughesNet is available where you live, providing fast and secure Internet service trusted by more than 1 million subscribers. And staying connected while living where you love is just one of the benefits. The advantages of choosing HughesNet also include:

AFFORDABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY. With the introduction of Gen5, subscribers can choose from a new selection of affordable data plans. From casual Internet users to avid browsers, the lineup has a plan for everybody. Plus, you have a choice of leasing or purchasing your equipment. Affordable plans and equipment options make it easy for you to stay connected while staying within your budget.

COAST-TO-COAST AVAILABILITY. Living where you want doesn't have to mean giving up the Internet service you want. The launch of a new satellite in 2016 has extended the reach of HughesNet even farther, making it available coast to coast. You don’t need a cable connection or even a landline phone. If you have a clear view of the southern sky, reliable high-speed Internet service is also in sight.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION. You don't have to worry about installing your equipment — it's all taken care of. A certified HughesNet installation professional will set up all the components, connecting them to your existing computer or home network, and test your Internet service to make sure everything is working properly. You'll be online in no time.

CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE. With HughesNet, expert help is there whenever you need it. Every plan includes 24/7 technical support from Customer Care. If you have questions about service or equipment, support is available by phone, online and live chat.

Take Control with the New Mobile App

Download the new HughesNet® mobile app to easily check your data and manage your service from anywhere. With the mobile app you can:

  • Check data usage
  • Pay your bill
  • Buy a Data Token
  • Check your Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Adjust your streaming video quality to maximize your data usage

The free app is available for IOS 8.0 and higher and Android 4.4 and higher. It’s the perfect on-the-go application to help you get the most out of your satellite Internet service!

Even More Reasons to Choose HughesNet

HughesNet Gen4 has been recognized by the Federal Communications Commission, per the “Measuring Fixed Broadband Report – 2016” and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which helps explain why over 1 million customers have made HughesNet America's #1 choice for satellite Internet.

Get Ready for Tomorrow's Internet Today

With the Internet growing more complex by the day, you need Internet service that can keep up with the challenge of more content and more data. HughesNet helps you meet the challenge.

HughesNet Gen5 is better and faster to give you a more enjoyable online experience. Call today and bring home the next generation in satellite Internet!

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