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Satellite Internet Bringing Connectivity to Utah

Whether you live in a remote part of the state or you're a resident of downtown Salt Lake City you can get a lot of value out of fast, dependable Internet at home! If you've ever been told in Utah that your only option is dial-up it's time to rethink your Internet options…recent advances in satellite technology mean HughesNet satellite Internet is available all over the state!

From Provo to West Jordan and everywhere in between people are finding out about the features of satellite Internet. It's fast, reliable and totally convenient! And since satellite works with both Mac and PC systems your machine is ready to be hooked up right now. All you need is a view of the southern sky in Utah to get online with HughesNet.

Call today to talk to a satellite specialist about the options in your neighborhood. What would you do with a better Internet plan?

How to Get the Most Out of Satellite Internet

No matter what you use the web for, emailing your family back in Layton, applying for jobs in Orem or even checking course listings at Brigham Young, a more reliable Internet connection can make it easier. People love getting out and about in Utah to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and explore the state – satellite Internet is making it simpler to map out your trip and find things to do in your area!

HughesNet is the #1 satellite provider in the U.S. which they like to think is due to their superior customer service. With 24/7 customer care lines open to all their Utah customers and totally free in-home installation from the start they make sure you know we're on your side. Everyone should be able to enjoy a quality Internet connection here in Utah – what are you waiting for?

Satellite Internet in Utah Beats Dial-Up

Dial-up is slow and inconvenient…downloads can take minutes or even hours and since it runs over phone lines you can't chat and surf simultaneously. Satellite Internet through HughesNet is far faster – download in a fraction of the time it takes with dial-up – and doesn't utilize phone lines so you'll always have Internet access when you need it.

DSL speeds can vary depending on where your home is located – the more rural your location the more likely you are to have service interruptions and inconsistent speeds. Satellite speeds are always guaranteed and the best part is that HughesNet may just be the least expensive option in your area!

HughesNet plans are tiered by usage which means you choose how much Internet you really need; forget paying for more service than you require! All new customers in Utah get up to five free email addresses with a new service plan along with virus solutions and spam filters, too. There's a lot of value in an Internet provider who really works for you.

Consider what you've been missing without reliable, consistent Internet at home. Dial-up is a thing of the past and there's now a better way to get online in Utah. From Orem to St. George people are finding out the secret: HughesNet satellite is a more dependable way to access the web. It's time you stopped struggling with dial-up and got online with a more efficient, better technology in Utah. HughesNet operators are standing by to take your call and talk to you about your options!

Is today the day you make a change to push your family into the 21st century? Fast, reliable web access is now available statewide – find out more through HughesNet!