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The Lone Star State has a lot to be proud of…people who live here are loyal to Texas like few other Americans can claim to be! With grassy plains, gorgeous beaches and a thriving cultural scene it's no wonder Texas is one of the best places to live in all the U.S. and now it's even better with statewide Satellite Internet from HughesNet!

Get Online With HughesNet in Texas

No matter what you use the web for – checking email, posting photos or paying your bills online – HughesNet in Texas makes it easier. If you've been struggling under the strain of dial-up you know how frustrating it can be to wait minutes and sometimes hours on simple downloads. No more with satellite! The speeds you'll experience with HughesNet are exponentially faster than what you'll find with dial-up.

DSL can be fast but speeds may vary widely depending on where you live relative to a central command center. There's another more consistent option for Texas residents living outside a DSL “radius” and you'll find it HughesNet! Satellite speeds are guaranteed which means you'll always have Internet when you need it.

Contact a Texas HughesNet specialist today to find out more about whether or not you can get satellite in your area. If you've got a clear view of the southern sky you're eligible for HughesNet so odds are you're ready for a better way to get online!

HughesNet is Affordable All Over Texas

  • HughesNet plans are tiered which means you pay only for the Internet you need
  • With 24/7 free customer care you'll never surf alone when you're online with HughesNet
  • New customers in Texas get up to five free email addresses when signing up
  • Standard virus features and spam protection come with all HughesNet plans
  • You can choose to lease or own your HughesNet connection equipment keeping costs low

Another way HughesNet is making satellite more affordable in Texas from Austin to Dallas is by giving all new customers 100% free installation! We'll send a licensed technician right to your door where they'll work with you on a personalized Internet solution for your home. Customer service is something they feel strongly about here at HughesNet which is why their customers tell us they have some of the best in the business.

Find Out More About Satellite Internet

If you've still got questions about the technology behind HughesNet satellite Internet simply give us a call today. One of their satellite specialists will walk you through the process and get you started with a usage plan that fits your family's needs, whatever they may be.

From applying for jobs in Houston to booking a hotel at South Padre Island there's no limit to how far you can go when you've got a reliable, fast Internet connection. And since satellite doesn't run over phone lines you'll never lose your connection when the phone rings – you can chat with your mom and send an email to your boss at exactly the same time!

If you've ever been told you're only eligible for dial-up because you live in a rural or remote part of Texas it's time to look again. Whether you live in downtown San Antonio or way out in Paris you can benefit from the speeds of satellite. Internet is something everyone should be able to utilize and enjoy, at least, that's what HughesNet thinks – call your local provider today to find out more about what you've been missing in your little corner of Texas!