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HughesNet Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Grants Internet Access to Millions Cable Forgot About

With HughesNet, you won’t need to worry about your Internet not being available if you need it. HughesNet provides reliable and speedy Internet to houses from coast to coast, assisting folks stay linked in to the Internet. You will also receive 24/7 technical support, giving assistance to residents around Myrtle Beach along with the nation. HughesNet is America’s no.1 satellite Internet provider, and backed by its A Better Business Bureau rating, continues to provide excellent high-speed Internet to people who want it.

HughesNet supports Myrtle Beach customers around the clock

Relocating to a region in Myrtle Beach where DSL and cable are not accessible does not mean that you are stuck with a dial up connection. HughesNet offers reliable satellite Internet connections that are a wonderful and dependable alternative to dial up connections. Even when you are from the most rural of areas you’ll still be able to quickly pay your e-bills, take care of on line shopping and keep in contact with family and friends from around the world with your HughesNet connection. Contact a representative now to learn what makes HughesNet America’s number one choice for satellite Internet service.

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As America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet service, HughesNet excels in customer care. With HughesNet, you’ll enjoy access to 24/7 technical support to help you address any issues with your equipment or service. By having a trained technician install your system, HughesNet also ensures there won’t be any problems getting started. When you want reliable satellite Internet performance and exceptional customer service in Myrtle Beach, HughesNet is your best choice.

HughesNet Speeds Can Pull You Out Of the Dial-Up Doldrums

While all the hardware needed for installation comes standard, HughesNet also offers a number of optional upgrades. You can add a wireless or hard-wired network router configured with your computer. You can also purchase special materials and ask your installer to conceal exposed cables or install shelves to support your system. Getting the installation you want is never an issue with HughesNet - call today.

HughesNet Satellite Internet: Using Smart Technology to make Internet Available to Rural Regions of Myrtle Beach

Sitting waiting up for dial-up may be a waste of time. Do what you wish to do online, and do it at a speed that is reasonable. HughesNet improves your experience by making lengthy downloads take only seconds. You can also enjoy the ease of speaking on the phone while browsing the Internet. HughesNet gives you a simpler way of enjoying the Internet.

Get online fast in Myrtle Beach with easy HughesNet installation

Before you schedule your satellite Internet installation, you should complete a short checklist. First, make sure that your home has an open area where your satellite antenna will have an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Then, make sure your computer's operating system is Windows 2000 PE or higher or Mac OS 10.1 or higher. Once you've followed these steps, you can go ahead and schedule the installation of your HughesNet satellite Internet service at a time that works for you.

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PROMO CODE: 603-494
5/1 Mbps
An affordable option for single-computer households.
$39.99 /MOFOR 
3 MOS.
$ 49
99 /MO
10/1 Mbps
Faster download speeds for watching video clips and viewing photos.
$49.99 /MOFOR 
3 MOS.
$ 59
99 /MO
Power PRO
10/2 Mbps
Double the uploading speed for sharing photos and other media.
$69.99 /MOFOR 
3 MOS.
$ 79
99 /MO
Power MAX
15/2 Mbps
The fastest speeds for multiple computers under one roof.
$119.99 /MOFOR 
3 MOS.
$ 129
99 /MO
Plans and pricing may vary by location.