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What's not to love about Rhode Island? It's one of America's smallest states but there's a lot of good packed into this tiny package! From beaches to culture to a strong communities, Rhode Island residents are proud of living here and it's easy to understand why.

RI Now Has Satellite Internet

If you've ever been told you only have access to dial-up it's time to think again. Recent advances in satellite technology mean now HughesNet is proud to offer satellite Internet to everyone in Rhode Island! If you've got a view of the southern sky from your home you're eligible for satellite Internet. It's that easy.

Satellite is compatible with all operating systems so whether you run on a PC or a Mac you can bet your machine will appreciate the speed of HughesNet. If you've been struggling with dial-up or are growing frustrated with the unpredictability of DSL speeds you should know there's another way. Call your local HughesNet operator now to find out more about the options in your Rhode Island neighborhood.

From Providence to Newport, the secret's out. Satellite Internet is catching on all over the country and HughesNet is America's #1 provider!

Features of Satellite Internet

There are a lot of great reasons to switch to satellite in Rhode Island, particularly if you're sick and tired of the hassles of dial-up. Here are a few of the reasons their customers tell us they're glad they made the call:

HughesNet Speeds: Dial-up can take minutes or even hours to complete simple downloads. The speeds on satellite are exponentially faster and take only seconds.

HughesNet Service: HughesNet prides itself on offering unparalleled customer service. All their Rhode Island customers have access to their 24/7 customer care line where satellite specialists are standing by to troubleshoot.

HughesNet Convenience: Unlike dial-up which runs over telephone lines satellite is independent which means you'll never lose your connection just because the phone rings.

There are tons of other reasons satellite is the right choice in Rhode Island…what can better technology do for you?

Satellite is Making Life in Rhode Island Easier

Think of all the things you could do if you had fast, reliable Internet at home. You could check your grades from Johnson and Wales University or plan a weekend trip to Woonsocket. Check in with family in Cranston or even post photos from your excursion to Pawtucket…the possibilities are endless!

The best thing about HughesNet plans is that they're tiered depending on usage. That means you get to select how much bandwidth you need so you only end up paying for the Internet you really require…we think you should pay less if you get online infrequently. Our Rhode Island customers can choose whether to lease or own their connection equipment, too, which lets you decide how much you pay upfront.

And right now all new HughesNet customers in Rhode Island get totally free installation! We'll send a satellite expert directly to your home and you'll work together on a customized install plan that works for your setup and your lifestyle. It's important to us that all their customers benefit from having reliable, efficient Internet at home which is why they work hard to make it easy.

Contact your local RI HughesNet representative today to find out more about the options in your area. Whether you live in a rural location or right in the heart of the city you should know there's a better way to use the web. Why not see what HughesNet can do for you here in Rhode Island?