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More Internet Options in Ohio

Satellite Internet is now in your corner of Ohio! If you've got a view of the southern sky you can access fast HughesNet satellite your local provider today to find out more about how to get online with satellite and stop struggling with dial-up!

Satellite Internet Beats Dial-Up

If you've ever been told you live in a remote or rural location and only have access to dial-up Internet, think again! HughesNet spans all of Ohio and here are a few of the reasons their OH customers tell us they prefer satellite Internet over dial-up…

Satellite is more convenient.

Dial-up runs over phone lines so you can't surf and chat at the same time. Satellite doesn't access phone lines which means you can get work done and be on the phone all at once!

Satellite is faster.

Downloads on dial-up can take minutes or even hours…HughesNet allows you to download photos, video and even software in just a fraction of the time and the speeds are guaranteed.

Satellite is more reliable.

Never worry about losing your connection or being able to get online when you need to. HughesNet satellite is dependable and you can count on it when you need it!

There are dozens more reasons to choose satellite in Ohio whether you live in Cincinnati or Toledo. You've got another option and satellite technology is changing the way people here use the web!

HughesNet Plans are Affordable

Whether you use the web for hours every day or you're an occasional user who only gets online to email or pay bills you can appreciate the tiered usage plans on HughesNet. You choose the bandwidth you require and only pay for the Internet you need!

HughesNet also offers Ohio customers the option to lease or own their connection equipment so you can decide upfront how little you'd like to pay to get started with satellite. And now all over the state you can get up to five free email addresses with your new account and their standard virus protection and spam filters, too! HughesNet is always looking for ways to save you money and may just be the most affordable Internet option in your area.

Installation is 100% FREE all over Ohio – we'll send a licensed installer right to your door where they'll work with you on a totally customized set up for your Internet connection. Isn't it time your Internet provider worked for you and not the other way around?

Ohio Customers Love Satellite Internet

What could you use faster, better Internet to do here in Ohio? How about book a flight out of Cleveland or look for jobs in Columbus? You could check in with your kids at the University of Ohio or even contact family down in Akron. The possibilities are endless when you've got reliable satellite Internet behind you.

HughesNet satellite is the number one satellite Internet provider in the country – they got there by offering superior customer service and a great product in Ohio and beyond. As always, all new customers get access to their 24-hour customer care line where trained satellite experts are waiting to help. We think it's important that you never have to surf alone!

Call now to talk to a satellite Internet provider in your Ohio neighborhood. Recent advances in satellite technology have made the Internet more accessible than ever before – isn't it time you got rid of dial-up and unpredictable DSL and got online with a company who understands? HughesNet is that provider here in Ohio!