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HughesNet Satellite is All Over the Dakotas

What's not to love about life here in North Dakota? The state's got some of the country's prettiest terrain and one of its most-visited national memorials, too…no wonder North Dakotans have such pride in their state! Now there's another reason to love ND and it's fast, reliable satellite Internet!

HughesNet satellite Internet is now available all over North Dakota thanks to recent advances in satellite technology. If you've got a clear view of the southern sky you can access satellite so if you've ever been told before that your only option was dial-up it's time to look again.

Call today to talk to a HughesNet provider in your area and learn more about the deals and specials going on all over the Dakotas right now!

Benefits of Satellite Internet

We didn't become America's #1 satellite Internet provider overnight – they got here by providing excellent customer service and a much-needed product to the country's most rural residents. Here are a few of the things their North Dakota customers tell us they love about being online with HughesNet:

It's Convenient

Unlike dial-up which runs over phone lines HughesNet relies on satellite technology. That means you'll never get disconnected by an incoming call again!

It's Fast

Speeds via satellite are fast, very fast, and if you've been struggling with dial-up you won't believe downloads that take only seconds, not minutes or even hours.

It's Reliable

Many people don't know that DSL speeds can fluctuate greatly depending on your home's location. Satellite speeds are always guaranteed so you can count on your connection.

Call your local North Dakota provider today to find out more about amazing HughesNet satellite Internet. From Bismark to Fargo and everywhere in between people are getting online with satellite and experiencing a whole new world of connectivity!

How Can You Use Satellite Internet?

HughesNet plans are tiered so you can choose which one works for you based on how much or how little bandwidth you need. If you're only online once or twice a week to check email and chat with family you'll pay less than someone who uses their connection to work from home every day…it's that simple!

Our North Dakota customers use their fast Internet connections for all types of jobs: checking the weather forecast in Minot, sending photos to family in West Forks and even booking plane flights in and out of Fargo. There's really no limit to how far you can go when you've got a dependable Internet connection at home – the web helps you get out there and explore your state!

Right now all new customers in North Dakota receive 100% free installation with HughesNet. That means we'll send a satellite specialist right to your door and work with you on a customized plan for Internet in your home, no worrying over wires or hassling with complicated software programs. Additionally, call now and you can receive up to five free email addresses with your account as well as their standard virus controls and spam filters, too!

HughesNet customers always have access to their 24-hour customer care line in North Dakota which means you'll never surf alone. Anytime you have a question simply give us a call – their satellite specialists are standing by to help.

Call now to find out more about what satellite Internet can do for you in North Dakota! There's never been a better time to dump dial-up and get online with HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet…what are you waiting for?