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The great state of Missouri has never been more connected than now. If you've ever been told you'll only have access to dial-up because your home is remote or in a rural location it's time to think again. HughesNet satellite Internet is now available all over Missouri!

If you've got a clear view of the southern sky from your home you're eligible for satellite Internet access. Call now to find out more!

Switch to HughesNet and Ditch Dial-Up for Good

Dial-up Internet has its pitfalls. It can be painfully slow and since it runs over phone lines you can't chat and surf at the same time. If you've ever struggled with any of the downsides of dial-up you should know you've got another option.

Satellite Internet is making huge strides technologically and it's now all over Missouri. Imagine downloading photos and video in seconds, not minutes, and talking with friends on the phone while looking at their pictures online!

There's a better, more reliable way to get on the web and it all starts with a call to your local satellite specialist.

Missouri HughesNet is Totally Affordable

If you've heard satellite's expensive you owe it to yourself to think again. HughesNet may just be the least expensive Internet service option in your area with an option right for your budget!

Plans are tiered…One of the best things about satellite Internet is that plans through HughesNet are tiered depending on your bandwidth requirements. It's time you stopped paying for Internet you don't need.

Freebies abound…Between the 24/7 customer care line, up to five free email addresses and the virus controls offered by HughesNet in Missouri there are all types of free benefits with satellite!

Installation is totally free…When you sign up for a new package today we'll send a qualified rep out to your home to do your custom installation for free. Every home is different so every install is customized!

What Can You Use Satellite Internet To Do?

The speed of satellite makes everything online easier. You can sign up for classes at a local community college or book a flight out of Springfield from the comfort of your couch. What about researching art museums in St. Louis and perusing menus at some of Kansas City's best BBQ restaurants? The possibilities are endless when you get online with HughesNet!

Whether you work from home or just get online every now and again to answer emails and social network you'll benefit with a more dependable connection. Even if you're online with DSL you should know that connection speeds may vary depending on your relation to the command center…wouldn't it be nice to have guaranteed speeds?

The many benefits of HughesNet are obvious to their Missouri customers but it doesn't stop there. We're the #1 satellite provider in the U.S. and they like to think it's because they offer superior customer service and a great product at an affordable price!

You Can Get HughesNet at Home

All over Missouri from the Gateway Arch to Independence people are connecting with satellite. HughesNet has made recent technological strides that allow new customers to have access, more than ever before, and you owe it to yourself to find out if you're eligible!

Call now to find out about the great deals and specials happening in your neighborhood and to talk to a satellite specialist about your unique situation. There's a plan for every budget and a solution for every Internet woe – if you're still struggling with dial-up or over your DSL service, satellite Internet may be the right choice!