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Mississippi is a great place to live and work and there's so much to do here! Whether you love hanging out on the beaches of Biloxi or you'd rather shop your way through Jackson it's all made easier when you've got a reliable Internet connection at home.

That's where HughesNet comes in…

Satellite Internet is Available All Over Mississippi

No matter what part of the state you live in, advances in satellite technology has made it possible for you to get dependable, fast satellite Internet. If your home has a view of the southern sky you've got access to HughesNet and satellite technology is compatible with both Mac and PC systems.

There are dozens of reasons to switch to satellite from dial-up or DSL but they think their customers speak for themselves…they've made us America's number one satellite Internet provider! HughesNet is the right choice in Mississippi for quality Internet service and to find out more all you have to do is call.

Why Switch From Dial-Up?

You may be used to it but dial-up is painfully slow – HughesNet speeds will blow you away and have you downloading things like software and photos in seconds, not minutes. Wouldn't it be nice to talk on the phone and surf the web simultaneously? Satellite Internet doesn't need a phone line so when you make the switch you can do just that, unlike being online with dial-up.

If you've ever been told you live in a rural area and only have access to dial-up you owe it to yourself to call HughesNet. There are new options available that get you connected faster and you won't believe how affordable satellite Internet really is!

Here are some of the ways HughesNet is making satellite a great option for any budget:

Tiered Plans: With HughesNet you can choose the Internet you need –forget paying for service you won't use and more bandwidth than you have a need for.

Equipment Options: All their customers in Mississippi have the option to lease or own their service equipment so there's little cost upfront.

Free Installation: Right now when you sign up for service you'll receive 100% free installation. Every install is totally customized and we'll send a licensed installer right to your home.

Call Today to Get Faster Internet in Mississippi

What could you do with a better Internet connection in Mississippi? Plan a family weekend to Tupelo or book a hotel in Gulfport. How about keeping touch with your family in Hattiesburg or applying for jobs in Southaven? Whatever you aim to do here it's all made easier when you're online with satellite.

DSL speeds can be unpredictable and plans expensive – satellite speeds are always guaranteed when you're online with HughesNet. And with their 24/7 customer care line available to all their Mississippi customers you'll never surf alone!

We offer virus protection and spam controls to all their new customers because it's their goal to make surfing the web as safe as possible. When you call today you're eligible for up to 5 free email addresses with your new account, too, so there's never been a better time to get rid of dial-up and upgrade to satellite.

Our satellite specialists are standing by…whether you live in a remote seaside town or right in the heart of Biloxi, HughesNet is a great alternative to dial-up. Contact us today to find out more about your options and start surfing smarter with the speed and access you get on satellite!