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Satellite Internet Has Come to Michigan!

HughesNet satellite Internet is now available all over the Mitten State – Michigan residents can't get enough of the fast speeds, reliability and customer service offered by local HughesNet retailers. Call now to find out more!

Whether you're on the web all day long or you just need a more dependable connection to check your email and stay in touch with family HughesNet has a solution. Dial-up speeds are slow at best and DSL connections can vary depending on your location relative to a command center. HughesNet is flexible and you can always count on a connection when you need one!

With 24-hour customer care and trained satellite specialists always on call to help you'll never surf alone with HughesNet…customer service is their priority which is why their Michigan satellite customers keep coming back!

Features of Satellite Internet

Satellite is Faster – If you're used to dial-up you're going to be floored by the speeds you get with satellite. Software, photos and even video download quicker than you ever thought possible!

Satellite is Compatible – HughesNet invests in cutting-edge technology each and every day which is why their satellite system is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.

Satellite is Simple – Once your system is installed you never have to worry about losing your connection. Satellite doesn't run over phone lines so you can chat and surf the web at the same time!

What's not to love about great high-speed Internet in Michigan? Use it to book a trip to see family in Kalamazoo or even buy tickets to some of Detroit's art museums. You can pay your bills online and even rent a boat in Ann Arbor ahead of time – there's no limit to how far you can go when you finally access all the Internet has to offer.

Life in Michigan just gets better once you've got a reliable Internet partner by your side. HughesNet is America's #1 choice for satellite Internet and for good reason; we've been helping people access the world wide web for years and their experience shows.

HughesNet Satellite in Michigan is Affordable

Because they love their customers they offer plans tiered by usage. That way, you won't end up paying for more Internet than you need just because you've got a one-size-fits-all plan! You can even choose whether you want to rent or own your HughesNet equipment so you'll never pay more than you need to upfront. We love making quality Internet affordable for all their customers!

Right now when you set up service in Michigan you'll get 100% free installation. That means we'll send a satellite engineer directly to your house where you'll work together on placement, connection speeds and how you want your Internet to function. Every home is different which is why each installation is personalized.

Call Now to Get Satellite Internet in MI

Whether you've heard of satellite Internet before or you thought dial-up was your only option you owe it to yourself to call and find out more. Because of recent advances in satellite technology you now have access to satellite Internet all over Michigan, from Flint to Lansing and everywhere in between.

Is today the day you upgrade your technology and ditch dial-up for good? Why waste another minute waiting on painfully-slow downloads and getting logged off by your unpredictable provider? HughesNet satellite specialists in Michigan are standing by for your call and would love to talk to you now about your options. There's a plan for every budget and all it takes is a call!