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Satellite Internet is Now All Around Maryland

No matter what part of the state you live in, from Baltimore to Frederick, if you've got a view of the southern sky from your home you've got access to satellite Internet! HughesNet is the alternative to painfully-slow dial-up and unpredictable DSL – call now to find out more!

What's so great about HughesNet? Our customers tell us all the time the love the speed, reliability and ease of their satellite service but here are a few of their best features:

It's Compatible: Whether you run on a Mac or a PC, HughesNet satellite is compatible with your system. And with totally customized installation you can rest assured that you'll be good to go when you power up!

It's Affordable: With tiered plans that help you match your cost to your Internet usage there's a HughesNet plan for every budget. And installation is totally free!

It's Fast: With speeds far outpacing dial-up and much more predictable than DSL, HughesNet is a super-fast alternative to old Internet solutions. Software, photos and video download faster with satellite.

What Will I Do With HughesNet in Maryland?

The real question is, what can't you do with HughesNet in MD? From planning that sailing trip in Baltimore to looking up directions to your grandma's house in Rockville, everything's easier when you're surfing at lightning fast speeds. You can pay your bills online and even take college classes; Schools like the University of Maryland offer many online!

Whatever you use your satellite Internet for you'll be amazed at the speed. Not only is it far faster than any dial-up connection you've ever used it's more convenient, too. Never worry again about a phone call interrupting your connection; satellite doesn't run over phone lines so you can chat and surf at the same time.

Satellite Internet is Available in Maryland

No matter what part of the state you live in, from the shore to a farm, you're never too remote to access HughesNet. If you've been told before dial-up is the only option in your area it's time you gave us a call. Advancements in satellite technology mean now almost everyone in Maryland can get fast, affordable satellite Internet.

Once you decide on a plan we'll send a licensed technician right to your door where they'll install your equipment for free. Since every home is different every single install they do is customized: there's no one size fits all when it comes to a solid Internet connection. And you can even choose whether to rent or buy your satellite equipment – it's just one more way HughesNet is saving you money!

There's a reason HughesNet is America's number one choice for satellite Internet. We've been making their customers happy for years and now when you sign up for a new plan in Maryland you get access to their 24-hour customer care line designed to keep you in the loop.

Call Today To Find Out More About HughesNet

Your area HughesNet provider can talk to you about the deal and specials in Maryland right now and get you up to five free email addresses when you begin a new account. With virus protection and tons of spam filters there's never been a safer way to surf the web with satellite.

Today is the day you ditch dial-up and make a change for yourself and for your family – why not give us a call? A HughesNet representative can walk you through all the steps and get you signed up for service right over the phone.