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Satellite Internet from HughesNet Now Available in Maine

Known for lobster rolls and craggy beaches, people who live here know Maine's got so much more to offer than beautiful scenery and isolation. There's business, industry and tons of families here, too, which is why staying connected is a priority.

If you've ever been told dial-up is your only Internet option due to a rural or remote location it's time to look again. HughesNet satellite Internet is now available all over Maine – if you've got a view of the southern sky you can access fast, reliable Internet!

Call HughesNet Maine Today!

Don't know much about satellite Internet? Here are a few of the things their customers tell us they love about HughesNet satellite Internet, America's #1 provider:

Customer Service: We make it easy to get online with customized installation and 24-hour customer care. You'll never surf alone!

Affordability: With many different plan options and free installation there's never been a better time to get online with satellite in Maine.

Fast Speeds: If you're used to surfing with dial-up or you're sick of the unpredictability of DSL there's another way. Satellite speeds have you downloading faster and you can count on your connection!

Contact a satellite specialist in your area now about how to get started with a plan that's right for your home and budget.

Maine Residents Use Satellite for All Types of Things

Faster Internet just makes life easier. You can use it to look up restaurant reviews in Portland or plan that family trip to Augusta. What about finding the best lobster on the beach or figuring out when high tide's going to come in? Whatever you need Internet for you deserve it to be fast and dependable. That's where HughesNet satellite Internet comes in.

Forget losing your connection every time the phone rings like with dial-up. Satellite doesn't run over phone lines so you can use your landline to chat and be on the web at the same time. And did you know that with DSL the farther your house is from the command center the slower your speeds can get? Satellite speeds with HughesNet are guaranteed so you can count on them when you need them.

From the shores of Bangor to the streets of Belfast, nowhere in Maine is too near or far to access reliable satellite Internet. Call today to find out how!

Satellite is Affordable in ME

HughesNet believes you should only have to pay for the Internet you need, not how much they think you might use. That's why their plans are tiered according to usage – if you're online just to check email and social media sites you'll pay less than someone who uses satellite to work from home. We also offer the option to lease or own your connection equipment…it's just one more way we're making satellite more affordable.

Right now everyone in Maine is eligible for totally free installation! It's customized for your home and we'll send a qualified technician out to your house right away. Between free installation and up to 5 free email addresses you'll get just for signing up there's never been a better time to make the switch to satellite!

Forget the hassles of dial-up, there's a better way to use the web. Whether you're a technology expert or you don't use your computer all that often you owe it to yourself and your family to have a fast, quality Internet connection. Don't pay more for Internet that isn't working for you – get HughesNet satellite Internet in Maine and find out what you've been missing!