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Satellite Internet is Now in Louisiana!

There's something new in the bayou and it doesn't have anything to do with seafood or jazz! HughesNet satellite Internet is now available in every part of Louisiana and if you've got a view of the southern sky you can access the web!

Call HughesNet today to find out your options in Louisiana and get set up with service right away!

HughesNet Starts With Free Installation

Louisiana residents can choose between a number of tiered usage plans designed to ensure you pay only for what to need. Why spend the same on Internet if you're just getting online to check your email and pay your bills as someone who works from home 8-hours a day?

Once you decide on a plan as well as whether you'll lease or own your connection equipment we'll send a qualified installation expert right to your home. Every setup is different which is why each installation is totally customized to your situation and best of all, it's 100% free!

Between free installation and free customer care 24/7, HughesNet customers never have to use the web alone. Whether you're new to the Internet or you're an old pro you can find something to love about the accessibility of satellite!

Live Your Life in LA With HughesNet

Plan that trip down to New Orleans or check your end-of-semester grades at LSU when you're online with fast, reliable satellite Internet. You can use the web to check your credit card balance or even book hotels for a long awaited trip to the Louisiana shore…whatever needs to get done gets done with ease when you've got HughesNet at home.

Dial-up can be fickle and who wants to get disconnected from the web every time the phone rings? Satellite Internet doesn't run over phone lines so you can chat and surf at the same moment. If you're sick and tired of dial-up downloads taking minutes or even hours you'll love the speeds on HughesNet. Photos, video and even software run smoothly when you get online with satellite.

Call Your Local Satellite Internet Specialists

HughesNet is the number one satellite Internet provider in all the U.S. and now that we're all over Louisiana the secret's out here, too. From Baton Rouge to New Orleans no matter what parish you live in you've got access. And don't worry if you're a Mac user – satellite Internet is compatible with Mac and PC systems.

Call now to choose which plan is best suited for you and receive up to five free email addresses to use with your account. Also included with every new HughesNet plan is award-winning virus protection service as well as spam filters, too, designed to keep you safer when you're online.

Rural Internet Doesn't Have to Mean Dial-Up

If you've ever been told dial-up is your only option, think again. No matter how rural and remote your location you've now got access to HughesNet thanks to recent satellite developments which makes it easier than ever before to get online with a faster, easier Internet solution.

Call today to find out more about how easy it is to surf smarter with satellite – it's time to ditch the inconvenience of dial-up and the unpredictable speeds of DSL! It shouldn't matter how close you live to a command center or whether or not you're on the phone. Your Internet should work for you, not the other way around!

HughesNet Louisiana representatives are standing by to take your call. Is today the day you upgrade your technology and start relying on faster, easier Internet?