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Technology is Growing in Kentucky

People who live here know Kentucky is more than rolling fields dotted with horses and bourbon distilleries. Kentucky's a thriving, vibrant state with big business, farms and industry to boot and residents know staying connected just isn't optional. HughesNet satellite Internet is now available all over KY so if you've been struggling with dial-up now's the time to make the switch!

HughesNet satellite Internet Features

What's not to love about faster, more reliable Internet? HughesNet is America's #1 choice in satellite Internet and if you've got a view of the southern sky you're now ready to access it.

HughesNet is powerful: Why waste precious time downloading on dial-up when you can get videos, photos and content faster than ever with HughesNet?

HughesNet is convenient: Sick of getting disconnected every time your phone rings and you're online? Satellite Internet doesn't operate over phone lines so you can chat and surf simultaneously.

HughesNet is simple to use: With a 24-hour customer care line and trained satellite specialists at the ready when you need them you'll never surf alone again.

HughesNet is safe: All their customers have access to their free virus protection services as well as spam filters to ensure they're secure when they get online.

HughesNet is compatible: Whether you work on a Mac or a PC you can rest assured your machine will worth with HughesNet technology.

HughesNet is available: Unlike DSL, satellite Internet is available all over Kentucky. Even if you've been told before that your only option is dial-up you can bet HughesNet services your neighborhood!

Kentucky Residents Love the Affordability of Satellite

Aside from being faster and easier than other rural Internet solutions, satellite is affordable, too! Our plans are tiered by usage so you only pay for the Internet you really need – they think it's only fair that someone who uses the web to check email and social media sites should pay less than someone who works from home.

HughesNet customers also choose whether they'd like to lease or own their connection equipment – it's just one more way we're saving you money!

Now installation is totally free in your Kentucky neighborhood! When you decide on a HughesNet plan we'll send a licensed technician directly to your home where they'll install your equipment and get you set up for service. Every home is different which is why all their installations are customized.

Use Your HughesNet to Get Online All Over Kentucky

Whether you live in Louisville or Lexington or anywhere in between there are hundreds of ways you can take advantage of fast, dependable Internet. Buy your Derby tickets online or book a hotel for the Final Four championships…even map out your route on the Bourbon Trail or keep in touch with family out west! The possibilities are endless when your Internet works for you, not the other way around.

Call now to talk to a HughesNet specialist in your area about the satellite options available to you. If you've been struggling with the slow speeds of dial-up or are sick and tired of the unpredictability of DSL, satellite may just be the solution you're looking for.

Why waste another day waiting on downloads or facing interrupted service – contact your local HughesNet representative today to find out more. There's never been a better time to make the switch and now you can receive up to five free email addresses when you get online with satellite Internet in Kentucky! What are you waiting for?