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Dorothy knew what she was doing when she wished to go home to Kansas – there's a lot to love about living here! People in Kansas value community, family and wide open space which has left many with no other option than dial-up for years. Now there's a new, faster way to access the Internet in Kansas and it's all over the state!

Kansas Satellite Internet Service

HughesNet is bringing satellite Internet to your Kansas neighborhood and all over the U.S.Now if your home has a clear view of the southern sky you've got access to fast, quality Internet. Ditch waiting around on dial-up and the unpredictable speeds of DSL – satellite is the wave of today!

Call now to talk to a HughesNet specialist in your area about the deals and specials going on in Kansas right now!

Why Choose Satellite in Kansas?

There are dozens of reasons their customers love HughesNet but here are a few of the ones they hear most often:

“It's affordable.” – Unlike some Internet options, HughesNet has a plan for every budget. We offer the option to lease or own your connection equipment and tiered usage plans designed so you pay only for the Internet you need.

“The customer support is great.” – We offer all their customers unparalleled 24/7 customer care so if you have a question all you have to do is call! And with free virus protection services and spam filters thrown right in you'll finally find surfing the web a pleasant experience.

“HughesNet is so fast!” – Many of their customers come to us after years of painfully slow downloads through dial-up and they can't believe how fast satellite Internet really is. Get videos, emails and photos at speeds you never thought possible and never worry about your service being interrupted!

When you're surfing with satellite in Kansas you can buy tickets to a Kansas State game, book a flight out of Wichita and map out that route to your favorite campground in Olathe, all in a matter of minutes. From paying bills to staying in touch with family, HughesNet customers tell us they just find it easier to use the web with us!

Dial-Up Days in Kansas are Over

Wouldn't it be nice to talk on the phone and use the web at the same time? Since HughesNet doesn't access the Internet using your phone lines you're free to chat and surf uninterrupted. That's convenience!

If you've ever been told you have no other option than dial-up simply give us a call. HughesNet is the number one satellite provider in America and we've been helping dial-up customers connect to the web for years – it's faster with us!

Get Free Installation in Kansas

Right now all their Kansas customers are eligible for a free custom installation. We'll send a licensed engineer out to your home to work with your space and home setup to ensure you've got the convenient connection you crave. Every house is different which is why every installation is personalized.

You'll also receive up to five free email addresses with your account when you sign up through Kansas HughesNet now and whether you're running on a Mac or a PC you can rest assured HughesNet technology is compatible with your machine.

Don't wait another day to get online – faster, better Internet is just around the corner! Whether you live in Overland Park, Topeka or Lawrence you now have access to HughesNet satellite Internet…all you have to do is call to get started today!