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Illinois HughesNet satellite Internet

From the Magnificent Mile to the many Midwestern suburbs, Illinois is a state people have a lot of pride in. Living and working here means staying connected and sometimes with dial-up that's hard to do. HughesNet is changing all that.

Satellite Internet is now available all over Illinois – if you've got a clear path to the southern sky you can get HughesNet at your home. Call now to find out what faster, more convenient Internet can do for your life.

Illinois Activities Made Easier With the Web

So what could you do with a faster, better Internet connection? Imagine downloading images in a fraction of the time and even instant messaging with your family in Joliet. You could buy tickets out of O'Hare and purchase your Six Flags tickets over the web…if only you had faster Internet.

If you've been suffering through dial-up and thought you had no other options it's time to look again. HughesNet is now available in your Illinois neighborhood and it will change the way you think about using the web!

And they know safety is a big concern for parents and families here in Illinois which is why all their customers have access to their virus protection and spam filters, too. Our goal is to make surfing the web safe, fun and totally easy.

  • Satellite is Affordable: HughesNet may just be the least expensive option in your area! With tiered usage plans and leasable equipment there's a satellite solution for every budget
  • Satellite is Faster: Dial-up speeds crawl and DSL speeds can weaken the farther you live from a command center. Satellite is reliable and speeds are multiple times faster than dial-up
  • Satellite is Compatible: Whether you use a Mac or a PC, your system is compatible with HughesNet. And with 24-hour customer care available you never have to worry about surfing alone

Call HughesNet in Illinois Today

Right now all new customers in Illinois are eligible for totally free installation! Forget hassling with complicated setup instructions and drowning in a sea of wires. Our professional installers will come right to you and create a customized satellite plan for your home. Every install is different which is why HughesNet knows personalization is important.

From Chicago to Rockford, nowhere in Illinois is too near or far to take advantage of satellite. Whether you live on a farm or in a downtown condo, satellite Internet is an option worth exploring, particularly if you're sick of struggling with dial-up. There's a better way to use the web and it's now all over Illinois!

HughesNet is the number one satellite service provider in the U.S.A and it's for good reason. Our customer service is unparalleled and we're constantly working to keep their technology up-to-date and faster than ever. With new satellites launching all the time, HughesNet has never been a better choice.

Why keep typing up your home phone lines just to get on the web? Satellite Internet doesn't use a phone line to access the web so you can chat on the landline and surf the web at the same time. Spend far less time buffering and loading and more time enjoying the pictures, video and software updates you're online to access when you make the jump from dial-up to satellite.

Call now to talk to a HughesNet provider in your Illinois neighborhood. Today can be the day you break the chains of dial-up and start surfing smarter…all you have to do is call!