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Hughes Internet Service Goes Where Dial-Up and DSL Can’t

If you’re moving, you’re likely looking for a new Internet service provider. And if you’re moving to a rural area, you’re probably looking for a dial-up or DSL provider.

But consider this: HughesNet satellite Internet is faster than dial-up and more reliable than DSL.

HughesNet Satellite is more than just Internet

If you’re moving, you’re also probably looking for cable TV service. What if you could pair that with HughesNet Internet service? You can.

You can take it even further than that, though. SAVE EVEN MORE when you pair your HughesNet satellite Internet plan with DIRECTV and ADT home security. When you call, be sure to ask about this amazing opportunity for your new home.

HughesNet Internet service is the one you can trust

HughesNet Internet service is the #1 satellite Internet provider in the country. If you’re signing up for a new Internet provider, why not go with the best? With HughesNet satellite Internet, you won’t have to worry about the limitations of dial-up and DSL.

Dial-up is slow and outdated

Don’t take a chance with dial-up. It’s the slowest service available and you can’t use your Internet and phone simultaneously. If you’re on the Internet and the phone rings, you’ll lose your Internet connection.

DSL is unreliable

DSL isn’t available everywhere like HughesNet Internet service is. And even if it is available in your area, your distance from the provider’s office directly affects your signal. The farther you live from their office, the slower your Internet. With satellite Internet from HughesNet, you won't have to worry about that.

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