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If your small business is located in a rural area, you don't have to settle for sub-par service. HughesNet® offers speed to small business customers everywhere.

HughesNet satellite technology: service where you need it

Thanks to advanced satellite technology, HughesNet can provide high-speed Internet service wherever you are. You'll get Internet speeds up to 15 Mbps2 so you can do everything you need to help your business thrive.

HughesNet gives you quality Internet service from one of the industry's leading providers. With HughesNet, you'll never have to deal with sporrt service because of our location.

Don't lose business opportunities because of a poor Internet connection. Find out how you can get great service in your area.

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Why choose HughesNet for your small business?

Besides providing fast speeds and a quality connection, HughesNet also offers a collection of other great features.


Get a secure connection to help protext you small business. HughesNet's secure connection will help protect sensitive files and data. You can get a secure HughesNet connection for many different locations.

24/7 Support

Every small business operates at different hours. Whether you have a question in the middle of the night or the middle of the afternoon, HughesNet has you covered. 24/7 technical support means you can always get the answers you need.

Save money with HughesNet

HughesNet has plans to for your small business' budget. With affordable HughesNet Internet service, you can save on your monthly Internet bill.

Hughes has provided network solutions to customers across the country for nearly 20 years. With HughesNet Business Internet, you'll get affordable Internet from an industry leader.

HughesNet also offers flexible billing options to meet your needs.

Get customizable service for your small business

Wherever your small business is located, you need fast Internet. Whether you're emailing clients, scheduling appointments or researching vendors, speed makes a difference. Slow Internet wastes time.

With HughesNet, you can get high-speed Internet, even in places where DSL and cable are not available.

Searching for excellent service? HughesNet has you covered.
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Why settle for sub-par service? Help your small business succeed with quality communication services from HughesNet.

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